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The Defense Never Rests

Oct 14, 2021

Undeniably, not the sexiest event during litigation. But, in many cases, it might just be the most vital piece of your defense. There are so many elements to consider to achieve a successful corporate designee deposition. Responding to the deposing counsel’s notice. Choosing the right deponent. Preparing the designee. This week on the Defense Never Rests we are joined by Wade Vandiver, who breaks down corporate designee depositions for us. He not only practiced defending extra-contractual and coverage claims, but spent the bulk of his career at a carrier where he managed outside counsel in their defense of these claims. In fact, he might even be an expert on this topic as he has sprung his experience into his own consulting business. But today we got him for free! During his career he has witnessed the good and the bad..…and wants to share his tips and tricks to a successful deposition. But also how to manage your counsel to get the best results for your case. What do you think are the most important factors when preparing for corporate designee depositions?