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The Defense Never Rests

Oct 7, 2021

Do you know how implicit gender bias is impacting your workplace? It is not always easy to spot and the best of us may be guilty of it as well. Each year, nearly half of graduating law students are women.  However, the number of women in partnership or managerial positions is grossly disproportionate to men. This trend is not just seen in the legal field. Women in managerial positions across professional industries, including the insurance industry, are more likely to be male-dominated. Why do we continue to see this happening? We tackle that very question this week on the Defense Never Rests  with a lively panel of women - Jamie Szal, Karly Wannos and Helen Yoon – to take a deep dive into gender and racial bias in the work place. We discuss our personal experiences and observations during the course of careers but also some tactics we’ve used to overcome barriers in our way. Which starts with being our true authentic selves. The more important question we raise is: what can we do to change it?