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The Defense Never Rests

Apr 14, 2022

Do you work for a start up insurance company? It seems these days there are A LOT of new insurance companies coming onto the market. Each with specific products and visions and new philosophies as to how to best serve their insureds. Very exciting times indeed. To be somewhere on the ground floor and help build the company, your team, the philosophy is invigorating. But this is not without challenges. Today on the Defense Never Rests we are joined by Corrie Hurm who can speak first hand of the challenges she’s faced while heading the claims department of a start up. Nothing short of exciting, sure. But certainly there are some challenges that some of us may take for granted. Like – do we buy this claims software or pay the electricity bill. Okay, maybe not EXACTLY like that but you get the idea. Do you handle claims for a startup, how has your experience been different from other companies you have worked for?