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The Defense Never Rests

Jun 9, 2022

Where do you think trust comes into play during litigation? “Trust?!” you say “this is litigation, there is no trust!” But hang on a second, think about your last successful mediation. Trust was probably a key component, even if it did not occur to you at the time. You trust your attorney to adequately assess the facts and damages and formulate a defense plan. Plaintiff’s counsel is putting trust in their clients to give an accurate representation of the facts. Everyone is putting their trust in the mediator to use his/her expertise to work toward resolution. You see, trust is actually integral to litigation. This week on the Defense Never Rests we are joined by Sam Ardery  an accomplished lawyer, author, speaker and mediator who has successfully mediated over 3,000 cases. During that time he may have picked up a few tidbits as to how to resolve conflict. Integral to that equation – trust! But also, radically listening. With these key factors, resolution is not so difficult to reach. In this episode, Sam offers a look into the psychology that may be blocking us from reaching resolution in our cases. Pulling back the curtain on what may be unknowingly preventing resolution. Do you believe trust is integral to a successful resolution?