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The Defense Never Rests

Sep 15, 2022

Do you ever feel the need that you must do it all?     I know for me personally, I definitely have that struggle.     As a mom, wife, lawyer, etc…there is a constant tug to be everything.     To show up for the kid stuff, to eat right, exercise, be on top of everything at work…you name it.     But some wise woman once told me you cannot be excellent at everything all of the time.     I find the need to remind myself of that all the time and maybe ask for help!     This week on the Defense Never Rests we are joined at Tamika Newson who shares her journey with this balancing act we all seem to struggle with to some degree.     From when she was a green attorney and letting the partners know she was pregnant to the challenges she faced building her practice all while showing up for her family.     How did she do it?  She is not too proud to admit that her mom was a huge help!     Taking that help makes all the difference.     She even does it now in her current role managing litigation worldwide.      Now she has to lean on and trust her local counsel to know these international jurisdictions and provide sound advice as to how to proceed.     Do you accept help when you need it?