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The Defense Never Rests

Jun 23, 2022

Sometimes when you are driving for a while on a straight, long road, you can fall into the trance-like state referred to as “Highway Hypnosis”. The road begins to blur. Your eyes feel heavy. Your brain is on auto pilot. You begin to feel like you are on the edge of sleep. It can be pretty scary. In the above scenario, the ticket to success is a large cup of coffee and a nap. But the same sort of phenomenon can also occur after working for decades in the same career, performing the same tasks, day in, day out, your eyes beginning to glaze over with each passing workday. Fortunately, this week’s guest on The Defense Never Rests is a prime example on how to keep control of the wheel and combat any career fatigue before it begins. Steve Ecker has worked in the claims industry for nearly two decades, bringing energy, experience and ingenuity to numerous insurance industry leaders throughout his career. He also shares some of his insights on how to separate “claim life” from real life, and even divulges his secret weapon: heavy metal music. When things seem to be moving at 100 miles per hour, how do you maintain your career lane? Share your thoughts in the comments! And don’t forget to link, share and subscribe if you like what you hear.