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The Defense Never Rests

Aug 11, 2022

Isn’t it true that you never truly know what anyone is struggling with beneath the surface. Even the most seemingly successful people have struggles of varying degrees of difficulty. And it’s human nature to keep those to ourselves for a variety of reasons. But I think we can collectively agree, that is a lonely place to be and we all could use some judgment free support – for any of our struggles. A few months ago I filmed a podcast with Sam Ardery about mediations and during that podcast he made a small comment about being sober. Following the podcast he and I spoke for at least an hour about his journey to sobriety. The conversation was so engaging that I asked if he would join me for another episode to speak about his journey in a pretty public setting. I was beyond honored when he did not hesitate to say “absolutely, I’d love to do that” So this week on The Defense Never Rests, @sam joins me again for a very candid conversation about his personal struggles with alcohol and the ups and downs of his path to sobriety. Do not be confused, he is not standing a soapbox spreading advice, preaching about addiction or telling anyone what they should or should not do. He is sharing HIS journey and the path he took to get where he is today – even if it meant reliving some of the ugly details. This is a topic we’ve discussed on this podcast before, but is so important that it deserves a revisit. In fact, I think the more we talk about this the better so others who may be struggling do not feel as alone. And can reach out to people like Sam in times of need. He even invites anyone to reach out to him directly -  to talk in a judgment free zone. And that is something special. So what are you waiting for?  Listen to this episode now!