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The Defense Never Rests

Mar 10, 2022

What do you think of when you hear the term “forensic accounting”? I am willing to venture a guess that your first word associations would not be fascination or excitement. However, during this episode of the Defense Never Rests with Howard Silverstone you will learn that the forensic accounting world is far from mundane! In fact, he has encountered both guns and Prince William and thankfully not at the same time! After having the opportunity to sit down and hear Howard’s experiences from a visit to Buckingham Palace to uncovering fraud within an organization, I found myself wanting to pop a bag of popcorn and hear more. I expect you will want to do the same. Of course, he offers tremendous insight as to when you may want a forensic accounting expert on your side and when is the best time to get one on board. What has your experience been with forensic accounting?