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The Defense Never Rests

Mar 17, 2022

What personal attributes are most important when serving clients? I think trust is far up there. Think about it, if a client or insured trusts you they are going to listen to your advice. This is especially helpful before you are even faced with a lawsuit and you are working on risk prevention. This week on the Defense Never Rests, we are joined by Anthony Guzman who is on the broker side of claims and often works with clients to develop the best insurance package for their needs. That includes assessing potential risk and designing a policy that works for that particular business. But he partners with his insureds to ensure they have support if faced with a claim. I think everyone wants Anthony, or someone like him, on their side. Not only is he knowledgeable of the coverages available, but he is just extremely personable and downright likable! But having that personality deliver sometimes news you may not want to hear, softens the punch. These are ingredients for a successful long term relationship. What attributes do you look for?