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The Defense Never Rests

Sep 29, 2022

Are you thinking about the potential appeal and appellate issues when you are assessing a claim? Many of us are very accustomed to working up a file in preparation for trial. But the thought of an appeal is secondary. And why wouldn’t it be. But today we are here to talk about that all too important appellate process. We are joined by M.C. Sungaila who is an accomplished appellate attorney who started her career as a trial lawyer. Her experience as a trial attorney certainly taught her a few things. One important take away: She did not like it! She much preferred the appellate process.  Pulling on her background in poetry, she preferred the careful thought  and analysis that goes into drafting a brief. Not only that, but along the way she launched her own podcast, The Portia Project, where she speaks to female judges and lawyers about their professional experiences. All while gaining their insight and perspective on the appellate process. What a valuable resource! Have you checked out her podcast yet?