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The Defense Never Rests

May 12, 2022

Do you seize new opportunities when they are presented to you? Some of us can be skeptical when we are faced with an opportunity that may be too good to be true. Others jump on it. Story time… When I was looking for jobs during law school I was set on being a transactional attorney. I did not want to do litigation or anything like it. Why?  Who knows, transactional work just seemed “cool”. But when the market was dry and there was not a transactional job to be found, I took a position as a litigation associate. Fast forward to today…I frankly could not imagine NOT being a litigator. The story is not that different for our guest this week. This week on the Defense Never Rests Dale Diamond shares how he began his legal career as a coverage attorney with a little bit of being in the right place at the right time. Turns out, he found his passion! Since then his career has had a few twists and turns, but his passion for coverage is truly the cornerstone to his career. I am sure he is thankful for that first step he took that steered the ship. Do you imagine where you would be if you did not take a certain opportunity when it was presented to you?